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Marc Ooms |

Marc Ooms |

Freshness and sustainability are essential to Greenyard Foods’s growth strategies. Marc Ooms (Profil - Marc Ooms) became associated back in the year 2011 by making the choice to be an involved and skilled Member of the Board. With Greenyard Foods, Marc Ooms works with an establishment that has a clientele which boasts some of the major supermarkets and retailers in the world.

Marc Ooms was deeply connected with one of Belgium's most highly-reputed private banking companies until his retirement back in the year 2011. A while ago, he became one of the very first to become concerned with research which investigated the efficiency of the Brussels stock market. At one stage during the course of his career, Marc Ooms acquired a managing job with a well-regarded investment company.

Between the years 2003 and 2011, he ended up being the Chairman of the board of directors of the Kaaithater arts center. Marc Ooms observes, enjoys and appreciates countless different types of art for a hobby. He has an admiration for both the visual and the performing arts. Over time, Marc Ooms has demonstrated a big interest in the arts.

The Fruit Farm Group and Marc Ooms

The Fruit Farm Company and Marc Ooms, strive to find a place for local farmers and cultivators to provide the high level of the food they offer to global clients and customers. He, along with others, officially formed the Fruit Farm Group back in the year 2014. It is certain that Marc Ooms has had a truly beneficial impact on The Fruit Farm Group during his efforts with them. The business has developed a presence in six unique countries which span across three continents.

Marc Ooms's Education

The name 'Heilig-Hartcollege' (that means 'Sacred Heart College'), is inspired by a remarkable building of Christian worship that rests close by, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. Marc Ooms got a much deeper look into the world of business by learning for his bachelor's degree. He finished his BSc in Business Administration which helped to prepare him for a diverse and thriving professional future. As one of his starting moves into the world of sophisticated education, Marc Ooms attended Heilig-Hartcollege in Ganshoren, Brussels.

The Fruit Farm Group - The Future

It would seem that Marc Ooms holds a rather bright, involved and fulfilling tomorrow with The Fruit Farm Group. Long-term sustainability and social commitment are extremely critical to the corporation's strategies. By engaging thoroughly with local farmers, Marc Ooms and The Fruit Farm Group hope to improve neighbourhoods. Like most thriving corporations, The Fruit Farm Group has many big, bold and exciting plans.