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Infront Sports & Media - Wikipedia

Infront Sports & Media - Wikipedia

About Infront Sports & Media

In 2005, philippe blatter accepted the job of President & CEO of the establishment. Formally started in 2003, Infront Sports & Media is a marketing firm based in Zug, Switzerland. philippe blatter ( integrates his extensive business abilities with his interest in sport with Infront Sports & Media.

Philippe Blatter has generated first-class enhancements to Infront Sports & Media after becoming the CEO and President in 2005. Afterwards, in the year 1994, he gained a Master's degree in Business Administration from Northwestern University in Illinois, USA. His projects have led to remarkable success in whatever he has turned his hand to. Prior to getting into business, Philippe Blatter experienced an outstanding educational career.

Infront Sports & Media and Philippe Blatter

The returns speak for themselves: Philippe Blatter has assisted in establishing a company that is ultimately international and hires greater than 900 workers. Now amongst the most highly valued sports marketing firms, Infront Sports & Media undoubtedly made a great move in bringing him on board. With a renewal rate of above 90%, the the greater part of the company's 170 unions with rights holders have been truly successful. Philippe Blatter has substantially impacted Infront Sports & Media since being assigned as President and CEO.

Regardless of already having realised a great amount, Philippe Blatter goes on to make great advances in his existing role with Wanda Sports Holding. He has got a Master's in both Business Administration and Mechanical Engineering. Philippe Blatter's achievements in his position reveal his skill as a business person and a leader in the sports trade.

Wanda Sports and Philippe Blatter's Future

More recently, Philippe Blatter has ended up being appointed as the President and CEO of Wanda Sports Holding, after their €1.4 billion buying of Infront Sports & Media. Wanda Sports Holding is a part of the Wanda Cultural Industry Group, moreover overseeing dealings in tourism and entertainment. He is certain that the deal will support Infront’s opportunities and help it to boost its international sports solutions. The appointment of Philippe Blatter to his new position no doubt permits him to further enhance sports entertainment and add yet more to his already extensive list of successes.